The Sun - Chance or design

There are two views for how our Sun and the Universe began to exist. Some atheist will tell you that it all came about by chance and chaos with no intelligence or design behind it. They may say that we have discovered through science that our Universe started with the big bang.

Some Muslims will mention this process as described by Allah (God) in the Qur’an in Chapter 21, Verse 30 “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” This was only established scientifically quite recently while the Qur’an mentioned this fact over 1400 years ago. Could it really be from the creator of the Universe, including the Sun? Could the Sun and the Universe have come about by design and intelligence? Or was it merely coincidence, chaos and chance as the atheists claim?

Without the heat and light of the Sun, our Earth would be lifeless. The Sun is approximately 150 million km away from our earth. This seems to be a calculated distance. What if the Sun was closer, the earth would over heat and if the sun was slightly further the earth would be too cold for life to exist. One has to question, was this really by design/calculation, or could we dismiss it to coincidence resulting from an uncontrolled explosion (the big bang)?

The Sun gives energy to the growing green plants and vegetables that provide us the food and oxygen essential for life on Earth. Through photosynthesis the energy of the Sun is used to create oxygen, without this we would not exist.

Light is provided by the Sun that allows us to see and work during the day. While we are able to rest, and recover during the night – was this by design or chance?

The Sun’s ultra violet rays create Vitamin D in our body, which is essential for many functions and benefits such as:

•maintaining the health of bones and teeth
•supports the immune system, brain and nervous system
•protects against dementia and brain aging
•supports lung function and cardiovascular health

Now, let us ask ourselves. Are those benefits likely to have come by an accident or was it by intelligent design?

Ultra Violet light is just one frequency of light; there are eight others - infrared, and the seven spectrums of visible light. Each one has its own unique healing powers

Moderate amount of exposure to sun light kills bad bacteria; it has a beneficial effect on skin disorders, such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and fungal infections of the skin. The sun's rays lower blood pressure. Even a single exposure significantly lowers blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure.

Sunlight penetrates deep into the skin to cleanse the blood and blood vessels. Medical literature published in Europe showed that people with atherosclerosis (hardened arteries) improved with sun exposure.

Sunlight builds the immune system. The white blood cells, which increase with sun exposure, are called lymphocytes, and these play a major role in defending the body against infections.

Sunlight can cure depression. The noon sunshine can deliver 100,000 lux. Sunlight deprivation can cause a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression. It is more common in winter months, but also common in people who work long hours in office buildings.

Now you decide, did the Sun with all its benefits come about by chaos from the big bang with nothing controlling it. Or do you see design and intelligence in its creation caused by an All Knowledgeable Creator?

Our creator Allah has said “Blessed be He Who has placed the big stars in the heaven, and has placed therein a great lamp (sun), and a moon giving light. And He it is Who has put the night and the day in succession, for such who desires to remember or desires to show his gratitude” [Quran 25:61-62]