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Wallidjan promotes Islamic Dawah - understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam amongst less aware Muslims and non-Muslims. Through this site we aim to keep you updated on all the important topic on proof God exists, Evolution, Mohammed sws prophet of God, Tawheed (Monotheism), Feel free to join me online on youtube and facebook.

Does God exist? We have never seen God. We have never talked with God. That is why the Atheists believe God does not exist. It is just a fantasy or a made up thing!

God exists the proof is the creation. But if we take a look at planes, cars, TVs, etc, it would be irrational if we say that all exist by themselves. There must be people who make them!

If the simple thing such as a matchstick has makers, then the universe that is far more complex must have a creator too!